About the Adam St. Martin Foundation

The Adam St. Martin Foundation operates principally as a family driven foundation and was created to honor the memory of our son Adam Alexander St. Martin who experienced a lifetime of challenges as a multiple transplant recipient.

The Adam St. Martin Foundation recognizes the many challenges that children who have undergone major life threatening illnesses experience in their lives. These children overcome not only the surgery or medical treatments but the challenges in keeping up with school work and their classmates. This is impacted by numerous doctor visits, therapy visits, hospitalizations and treatments. College can seem a far away dream because of the financial burden families experience with a serious medical challenge as well as a grade point average (GPA) is impacted by the time away from school and many scholarships and college opportunities are geared toward the top academic performance.

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to pursue a dream and that dream should not be unattainable because of illness. The Foundation’s purpose is to offer financial support to college bound students who have had organ or tissue transplants, whose family members have been donors and to those students who exemplify the attitude of achievement regardless of the challenges. The Adam St. Martin Foundation will also offer financial support through grants, to donor families who through their suffering offered the gift of life to others.

The Adam St. Martin Foundation exists through the generosity of those who donate their time and money. There is no amount too small to help fulfill the dreams of young people who have already experienced so much in their lives.

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