Remembering the Donors

Adam St. Martin received two life saving heart transplants in his life in addition to the kidney he received from his mother. Adam’s family pays tribute to the donors that saved Adam’s life and the donors that save the lives of countless others. These poems were written in honor and memory of those donors and their families.

The Magical Child

A young messenger of God
Was delivered unto this earth
To work a miracle…
To touch the lives of many…
To give life to one
Though his life here was short,
His legacy lives on in the life of another
In such a brief time
He brought enormous love to his family
And when it was time for him to move on
He gave the best part of himself – his heart
So that another child would not have to die
His magical heart rescued another
From the clutches of death
With this new heart
Came life, happiness, and hope for the future —–
Not just for one
But for countless others…
Now—A heart of gold
From this magical child
Pumps life and love into the body
And strong-willed soul of another
Two now become one
As life emerges from death

By Tracy Simmons, 1990


Through the black thunderous clouds
Beams a sharp ray of sunlight
A miracle
A ray of hope
Hope for the future
And a new life
Not just for one
But, for all
The drops have stopped
Raining in our lives
Evaporated are our tears
The sun now lights our way
There are no obstacles
That we cannot overcome
Hope exists
Where there once was none
God has smiled upon our lives
And the miraculous life of one
Has transformed the lives of many… Forever

In the saving of one life
God and child; together
Have given the hope of salvation to countless others
For there can be
No greater love, strength, or hope
Than that of God and His children

By Tracy Simmons, 1990

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